Federal law requires that we have a privacy policy.  So, here it is...

Your privacy is important to us.  We collect some general information from you which is:

- Location.  We want to know what city you are viewing from as it helps us to find more artists that are local to you.  We don't get your specific address, unless, you give it to us specifically in a form for membership or for the sale of merchandise that we will send to you.

- Browser.  When issues arise on our website, it's good to know that they are issues with a particular browser.  That's the only reason we want to know your browser.

- Time.  For our metrics and to make your experience on our website the best it can be, we measure how much time you spend on our site as a whole and each page you visit.  Music is a popularity contest, and when you spend more time here or there, we know where to put in the extra work.

Your data is NEVER shared with marketing companies.  Your data is NEVER sold to marketing companies.  It is exclusive to how you use our site so we can make your experience here better.

There is our privacy policy.  You're welcome, Mr Government.