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Tone Of Soul Project - Artist Review

When you think of music as an art form, you may think of an artist with a palette of colors and a blank canvas. With each brush stroke they begin to add shape, contrast and detail until a picture is created. When it's music, it's the combination of dynamics, tones, rhythms and lyrics all joined together to tell the story.

The Tone Of Soul Project is just that, ART! I would put some of the music to be akin to that of Frank Zappa, other of the music has flavors of Jethro Tull. And still you may even recognize other influences that drive this group into a circle of artists that have grown a die-hard kind of fan base that will follow the band great distances to see them play live.

They are truly musicians who are truly musical and led by a veteran songwriter who has been giving the world some of the greatest works. The Flyin Cowboy is a most intense person with a plucky comedic personality and a most serious attitude for the creativity in music.

All Together, with the Flyin Cowboy at the helm, and the eclectic, electric, talented and seasoned artists that he brings to the project, you have the Tone Of Soul. A little bluesy, a little funky, a little jazzy, featuring frolicking rocking overtones painted in the color of sound and joined together by the ethereal magnificence of the greats who have gone before. For your pleasure we give you... the Tone of Soul Project.

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