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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We are proud to announce that Melanie Taylor, award winning Pop artist, is now in rotation on our POP station. Melanie is a powerhouse POP artist who's throaty, soulful vocals will entrance you and her songwriting comes with meaning. She writes songs that not only are catchy, but truly inspired from her experiences, dreams and desires.

Her newest single, Take Me Now, hit us hard when we heard it and we know it will rock you too.

You can tune in to the Revolutionary Republic Pop Station on our website or through our Android app and hear this amazing artist.

We hope to schedule an on air interview with her and will soon have her tour schedule up on the site.

Welcome Melanie to the Revolutionary Republic by leaving your comments below and be sure to check out her website for details on how to get her music or details on her future shows.

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