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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We have been working hard to get the streaming server live. After a long battle with configurations, algorithms, emails to tech support and IP configurations... we're here. Streaming music from 3 channels currently as a beta test until our launch party in June.

WWW.IDAHORADIO.NET is online. Now we need your help in fine tuning everything. We're still accepting music for all channels until we are completely booked for music. Each channel will feature up to 30 artists and will have the ability to request artists and songs. So come visit today and tune in to one of our three current channels and if you find errors, send us a note from our contact page letting us know what you find.

Great Music from all over IDAHO!

#LiveRadio #IdahoIndependentMusic #IdahoLocal #IdahoLocalRadio #IdahoMusic #Streaming

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