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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Let us introduce you to the newest additions to our station group.

Naomi Psalm - Not only a talented musician, but an incredible songwriter. Recently added to our POP channel and a must hear artist.

Click to Listen HERE!

Laura Tyson performs with the local group Porterdog, a well known cover band in the Treasure Valley. Her original works are engaging and tell a story while maintaining a great groove.

Hear Laura on our POP channel.

Click To Listen HERE

A powerful musician and a fantastic songwriter. Elizabeth Findley will take you on a journey with her music. Added to our POP channel.

Click to Listen Here

And we are only at the beginning of our journey to bring you the best of Idaho's Music. Tune in to on of our 6 stations based on your Genre Preference. Discover new music and find out about shows and events where you can see them live.

Thanks for your support of Local Music!

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