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Artist and Venue Reviews are starting up again...

We know... we've slacked on getting you the info you've been wanting about best venues and top bands. So, we are going to step it up a bit. HOW? We are looking for a few good people in music scenes across America to join in on writing solid reviews about their local bands and venues.

This means that you will get into shows for free to share about what you see, hear, smell, taste, etc... You just have to jump into your account and post your thoughts about what you've experienced.

Now we know that not everyone has the talent or skill to be good writers, so, we are going to start off by accepting reviews from people in our email. If your review is well written and you get some good photos and/or videos of a show to put into our review blog, then we will make you part of our review team.

There will be a little learning curve for some and for others there will be a natural zing in their reviews. This is totally expected. We encourage anyone who is looking for opportunities to be published to participate.

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