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An Arduous Journey

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Idaho Independent Radio was born from a desire to give people access to music often unheard, and to give music a chance to be discovered.

There is so much music right in our back yard, yet, we spend hundreds on music that comes from everywhere else. We all talk about supporting local, but we really don't. We support the Walmarts, and the major corporations while local business struggles to bring you quality and do so in competition to the big corporations. This is true for our local music as well. So much quality music goes unseen and unheard, mainly because the budget for advertising is nowhere near what the BIG labels spend on their artists.

If you are tied in to Idaho Radio, help us help others discover the music by sharing it on you social pages. Tell people they can listen to our webcasts and hear the best Idaho born music. Help us grow this so that we can take this to FM radio. It's our goal to make sure that people know about the music, the artists, and the shows so they may be able to enjoy what they have right here in their back yard.


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