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Big Sky Festivals by Revolutionary Republic Radio



To Perform at any BIG SKY FESTIVAL, we require marketing materials which include radio play on one of the Revolutionary Republic Radio stations.  This is a dual opportunity for artists as it places your music into the ears of over 100,000 listeners around the world and growing. 


Onboarding for a new artist is how we accept submissions.  Follow these next steps for a review of your works to be placed in rotation.

  1. By submitting your music for play on any of our stations, you are releasing to Revolutionary Republic Radio and it's partners (Hereafter referred to as RRR), the right to use your recorded works in our broadcasts, at live events, and for marketing purposes under the Creative Commons License.  You are also allowing RRR the rights to your image and or any/all video recordings of you and/or your band as is being submitted through this portal.
    We do not import from your website, social media or from a third party and will not accept any works from a third party, ie: agency, record label, etc...

  2. All submissions bust be sent in the following formats

    1. Audio files should be 192bit, 44100k MP3 format​

    2. Video Files should a link to a YouTube account as long as video on YouTube meets the 1080p or higher quality.  Videos should be professionally produced and High Definition quality Music Videos.  We do NOT accept videos of live shows and of poor audio or video quality.

    3. Photos should be a good marketing representation of the Artist/Band and must be a minimum of 72dpi (6x9)

Right to Use - Defined in our policy.

The Right to use clause means literally, we reserve the right to use your images, sound recordings and video recordings for as long as we deem fit to market, engage and fill rotation on our radio stations and for live events.  This is for an indefinite period and does not end until we deem that the content is no longer relevant or a better quality recording is submitted to replace the previous.  This does not mean that we have ownership of these properties but have your permission to use them for the purposes of our stations and affiliates.

If you agree to these terms, click the button "I AGREE" below to start the submission process.

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